Healthy Veranda Concept®

A veranda is an extra living room in your home where you can bring a little of the garden inside. A well-designed veranda functions as a successful transition between house and garden, allowing you to enjoy your garden longer and more often.

Location is vitally important if you want a comfortable and healthy veranda. For example, a south or southwest-facing location in warmer areas runs the risk of turning your veranda into a real sauna, especially if there is no sun protection.

If your veranda is to be comfortable, you need to give careful consideration to the choice of materials used. For a start, you’ll need insulating glass and efficient insulation in the roof.

With its HEALTHY VERANDA CONCEPT® RENSON allows you to create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in any veranda.

Basic principles of the Healthy Veranda Concept®

RENSON has developed a total comfort solution for your veranda: an air supply and extraction system combined with external sun protection.

You can have a pleasant indoor environment in your veranda all year round, thanks to a combination of 3 basic criteria:

1. supply of fresh air
2. extraction of used, warm and moist air

Sun protection
3. external sun protection to control the sun’s heat and light penetration