As a specialist in natural ventilation and sunprotection, RENSON® has built its landscape office in accordance with the Healthy Building Concept®. The most innovative ventilation concepts were used in combination with ICARUS® and Fixscreen® external sunprotection. The building was given the “Green Good Design Award” in 2009.


Basic ventilation is permanently guaranteed by a supply of fresh air through fl ap vents. The acoustic Invisivent® AK39 (1) was installed above the supply windows for night-time ventilation, as well as the THM90. The air exits through chimneys in the roof.

A durable and adjustable Icarus® (movable) external sunprotection (5) on the SW facade and a Fixscreen® on the SE facade ensure that the building does not absorb too much of the sun’s heat.

Nightcooling is used to cool the inside air and thermal mass (concrete) of the building significantly during the summer months. During the day, the cooled thermal mass cools the inside air and reduces the ceiling’s radiant heat. How is cool air supplied? Around the building, horizontal blades (RENSON® Type L.066) (2) are provided below the glass facade. Behind the blades, there is first an insect screen, then windows which, controlled by a building management system, can be opened or closed (depending on temperature, wind, etc.) (3).

The hot air leaves the building through 15 passive stacks fi tted with RENSON® turrets. These passive stacks also have automatically opening and closing windows. The combination of nightcooling, sunprotection and basic ventilation provides a comfortable, lowenergy and healthy building … The Healthy Building.